How to make 1st million?

How to make 1st million?

When it comes to money we all had that little dream in our life once or twice a month starting with the keyword: „I wish I could afford“ or „I wish I was rich“.

So many times you had that little fantasy starting with: „If I could only win the lottery…“ And secretly inside, you think it is impossible. What if I told you it is possible? What If you knew how to start and get that money step by step?

But keep in mind, nothing given equals nothing gained. If you want something go and get it, period. Your job is to read and my job is to explain, so let us begin.

Get innovative!

Great way of getting rich is starting a personal idea or an invention ,grab your friends you hang out with the most, exchange opinions on what it could be and build it.

Even if it sounds impossible it is actually not, just look how much ridiculous inventions there are out there and they are pretty hand.

So grab a notebook, draw some schemes/blueprints ,share ideas and start that innovation! Getting a sponsor is also great when starting your own business and getting some financial kick start here and there always comes around pretty useful.

Create an app!

Everything is becoming trendy today! Imagine how much downloads Pokemon GO has?

But there has to be something these 2016. brains forgot to make, use that! But think about every single detail. Creating an application for something complicated making it easier to do is always good and futuristic i tell you.

People today think about making their life easier as it possibly gets. Are you up to the challenge? Can you improve our improved life so far? If you can people will massively download your application and share it online, and you can get paid for every download, share and like on the Internet!

How to make first million before 25